Hobart Two-Level-Washers

Hobart Two-Level-Washers

Under the slogan “Sometimes double doesn’t make sense. Sometimes it does”, we present a world first in commercial warewashing, the new TWO-LEVEL-WASHER!

With this unrivalled product, HOBART is revolutionising the warewashing process and simplifying the processes in the scullery a lot.

The following customer benefits are characterising the new TWO-LEVEL-WASHER:

Double capacity:

  • Two levels which can be used at the same time
  • Relief during peak times
  • Up to 50% time saving, compared to a conventional dishwasher, but with the same space requirement

Maximum flexibility:

  • Simultaneous washing of different wash ware, in two separate wash chambers
  • Each level has its own wash programmes

Space saving wash organisation:

  • Pre-soaking and washing of extremely soiled wash ware in the lower level
  • Highest performance with the same space requirement as a conventional dishwasher


  • Machine status
  • Information on hygiene
  • Operating costs calculation
  • Error messages
  • And many more!

With the new TWO-LEVEL-WASHER, we now have a product at our disposal which is characterised by additional, unbeatable customer benefits which no other competitor has in its programme.

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Hobart Two-Level-Washers