SOCLA Double Check Valves

Backflow Prevention Devices

The purpose of a backflow prevention device is to prevent non potable (unsafe) water from entering the water supply. The device works by allowing water to flow out of the municipal water supply into the irrigation system-and preventing unsafe water from flowing back into the potable water supply.

Double Check Valve

A double check valve or double check assembly (DCA) is a backflow prevention device designed to protect water supplies from contamination.

Socla is a premier valve manufacture specified by water authorities worldwide.

Tried & Tested Fluid Control Solutions.

The SOCLA Company has been a standard bearer in the field of water and moving fluid control since 1951.

SOCLA is also the brand name for a number of ranges of system protection and regulation products.

These ranges of backflow preventers and valves are specially designed to protect drinking water pipelines, no matter where they are used, whether domestic, urban, agricultural or industrial.

Additionally, water distribution control is now an essential factor in order to ensure the comfort demanded by consumers, and also to improve energy efficiency within installations. These control valves and air controllers are designed to fulfil these new criteria.

Maximum Protection For Your Systems

The wide range of SOCLA products on offer provide full, reliable protection and regulation in all industries concerned by fluid control.

Below we have a sample of our SOCLA Check Valves, you can also search our site for more or use our Free Professional Procurement Service and let us find them for you.

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SOCLA Double Check Valves